Crosstown Sandals

Birkenstock Crosstown Sandals: the comfort of Birkenstock in an adventure-ready style

Designed for nature lovers, the Birkenstock Crosstown collection has taken our most famous silhouettes – the Birkenstock Arizona and the Birkenstock Milano with heel strap, and reimagined them for the most active and adventurous Birkenstock fans.

With a slightly more compact upper, and a flexible,
all-terrain sole unit, Birkenstock Crosstown sandals strike the perfect balance between leisure shoes and walking shoes. The high-quality EVA outsole offers increased cushioning and elasticity, helping to smooth out irregularities on the ground for a more comfortable stride.  The durable non-slip soles
provide maximum grip on varying terrain. Choose the Arizona Crosstown for a leisurely stroll in the outdoors, or for maximum grip and stability in any movement, the Milano Crosstown with additional backstrap is the shoe to choose.  

Built on the legendary Birkenstock footbed, these sporty Birkenstock Crosstown styles also make great travel shoes, particularly if you will be spending a lot of time on your feet!  The contoured cork footbed offers all-day customised comfort, while the sporty sole delivers non-slip flexibility and cushioning underfoot.  And because they’re fashionable as well as functional in a wide range of scenarios, you
won’t need to pack extra footwear for your trip.

Ready to discover a new wave of hybrid Birkenstock styles built to enhance your daily commute, your outdoor adventures, or your next holiday? Shop
Birkenstock Crosstown sandals for men and women online today!