Soft Footbed

Shop Birkenstock Soft Footbed Sandals for Men and Women in NZ

Shop our collection of Birkenstock soft footbed sandals, featuring our iconic contoured footbed offering excellent arch support, but with a slightly softer footbed designed to better support those with sensitive feet.

Are Birkenstock Soft Footbed sandals good for feet with low arches?

The Birkenstock soft footbed has been likened to walking on clouds.  Padded with an anatomically shaped foam insert that contains millions of tiny air bubbles, the integrated soft footbed delivers an especially comfortable experience from the moment you put them on – particularly for those with low arches.

Recognisable by the blue stamp logo on the shoe, the Birkenstock soft footbed collection includes a wide range of our most wanted silhouettes, including the Boston Soft Footbed, and the Birkenstock Arizona Soft Footbed, available in natural leather, suede leather, and nubuck leather to name a few.  Choose a classic black, white, or neutral tone, or expand your sandal collection with the latest colour trends of the season.

Looking for unrivalled comfort straight out of the box?  Shop Birkenstock Soft Footbed sandals –
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